Algeria should open investigation about the arrest of the Saharawi Dadah Kenti.


The Algerian authorities should open an investigation about the arrest, ill-treat of the Spanish citizen of Saharawi origin Dahah Kenti in total disregard for his human rights.

He was arrested on 20 April 2017 en Jmis, Jenchla, near Algiers. His family were informed of his arrest by a friend who told them he was arrested whilst he took a Saharawi family from Algiers to Bechar. He was arrested on returning to the house he was renting in Jmis.

The house had been searched before he got back. When asked why, the police told him that they had been notified by another person, who had previously been arrested for being in possession of counterfeit money and that this person had given Dadah an envelop containing €3700. Dadah told the police that it was from a friend of his who lives on the border between Italy and France and that he didn’t know that it was counterfeit.

Dadah was driven to the prison in Aljadida, Oran, and his familiy visited him two months later. He told them that he was completely innocent and never knew that the money was counterfeit. 

His mother employed a defence lawyer who took advantage of the family, getting 50 million Algerian DINARS from them. Once he has been paid, he disappeared and turned off his mobiles and they were forced to employ another lawyer.

Having been in prison for a year and eight months, Dadah’s trial was on 26 December 2018 and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He is currently waiting for his appeal.

Its accepted that the Algerian authorities ill-treat of Mr Dadah Kenti in order to extract a ‘confession’ and that these factors deprived him of his right to a fair trial.” Said A member of The Campaigners international for Dadah Kenti. 

It is imperative that Algeria be a standard-bearer for human rights and the rule of law,

Stalling on accountability for its involvement in  ill-treat sends a dangerous message that the Algerian cannot afford.

Algeria should open investigation after new victim comes forward.

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